We helped family-run Lancashire business Minerva Crafts get the funding they needed to expand their warehouse

Secured Business Loan (from ThinCats)

  • Peer-to-peer loans from £100k to £5m
  • Terms from six months to five years or more
  • Fixed monthly installments, with rates determined by the marketplace
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About ThinCats

ThinCats is an online peer to peer lending platform specialising in loans with security, linking experienced investors with established business borrowers.

ThinCats was founded in 2011 partly in response to the banking crisis that began in 2008, and partly to meet the needs of anyone managing an investment portfolio (including individuals, pension fund managers and companies with cash deposits).

ThinCats provides direct access to a market sector traditionally occupied by high street banks.

Lenders get attractive rates of interest and fixed monthly payments of interest and capital, while Borrowers can get loans of up to £5m over periods ranging from a few months to five years or more at competitive rates in order to develop their business.

Secured Business Loan Requirements

  • Established, profitable business
  • Security available
  • Personal Guarantee may be required

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