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Hire Purchase and Leasing (from Davenham)

  • Tailored to individual needs — flexibility on both the term and repayment schedule
  • Access equipment without the cash flow disadvantage of an outright purchase
  • Payments are usually fixed, which allows improved cash flow management
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About Davenham

Davenham Asset Finance is an independent UK asset finance and asset refinance lender to the SME sector. Based in Manchester, Davenham is a privately owned finance house.

Davenham Asset Finance provides asset backed asset finance solutions and asset refinance funding solutions to the SME sector nationwide.

Davenham's teams work in partnership providing lending solutions designed to meet the needs of UK SMEs, involving asset finance solutions or asset refinancing, or advances between £15k and £350k.

Short-term asset-backed funding can also be arranged for a variety of purposes and terms — Davenham can structure a deal to suit your needs.

Hire Purchase and Leasing Requirements

  • UK-based businesses
  • Payments collected monthly
  • Choose the equipment you want

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