We helped Mother Goose fund the equipment they needed to expand their café

Unsecured Business Loan (from UK Bond Network)

  • Prospective borrowers evaluated on merits — no rigid lending criteria
  • Issuers can be private as well as listed companies
  • Fees are wholly success-based, payable only on drawdown
  • Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, biannually, or rolled up to maturity
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About UK Bond Network

UK Bond Network deliver high yield bonds for investors and flexible, bespoke business finance for companies.

Through their unique bond auction platform, UK Bond Network enable high net worth individuals as well as professional investors to invest in fixed rate bonds with terms of 1 to 3 years, by providing business funding to quoted and unquoted British businesses.

UK Bond Network conduct professional diligence on every investment opportunity, placing great emphasis on giving both investors and businesses the control, transparency and flexibility they need.

UK Bond Network set the standard in delivering high yield fixed rate bonds for high net worth individuals, wealth managers and institutional investors, by connecting them with pre-vetted UK companies seeking business finance.

Investors select the companies they invest in, bidding the amounts and interest rates they choose to lend at. Eligible companies can access business funding from £0.5m to £4m on the terms that suit them.

Unsecured Business Loan Requirements

  • Funding from £500k to £4m
  • No minimum asset cover
  • No minimum revenues
  • Personal guarantees not necessary

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