Funding Options is gearing up for the next phase

12 May 2017

Due to a chance meeting at the UK government’s International Fintech Conference between our Managing Director Ryan Edwards-Pritchard and Editor-in-Chief Suzie Neuwirth, the alternative finance industry journal P2P Finance News recently carried the scoop that Funding Options is considering new funding in 2017 to accelerate our growth.

I’m proud to have overseen Funding Options achieving escape velocity in the last couple of years, whilst avoiding the common fintech trap of poor unit economics. Funding Options is an increasingly visible part of the UK’s alternative finance ecosystem, and a leading introducer to many of the UK’s flagship alternative lenders. Most recently, of course, there is the government’s new Bank Referral Scheme, where Funding Options has already delivered millions of pounds in vital SME finance.

So what for the future? In my past life, I was Chief Operating Officer at a member firm of the Deloitte Fast 500 list of Europe’s fastest growing technology firms, so I know that scaling up is the most exciting time for any business. Scaling up Funding Options will be more exciting than most, because we will lead a technological wave that will eventually change the face of financial services around the world — Open Banking.

Just this week Funding Options set a new team record by getting finance for a customer — from application to drawdown — in a mere one-and-a-half hours. This coming wave of technology can make that one-and-a-half minutes, and Funding Options will lead this global charge because of our award-winning-technology and growing importance to alternative lending.

You can read Suzie Neuwirth’s article on our plans at P2P Finance News. Onwards and upwards!

— Conrad Ford, Founder & Chief Executive.