Ryan Edwards-Pritchard shares 5 lessons learnt on raising investment at London & Partners event

28 November 2018

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard, Managing Director at Funding Options, was one of the panelists at ‘Raising Investment: From Start-up to Scale-up’.

As part of the Mayor’s International Business Programme, London & Partners organised this event exploring how to best raise investment. The event was aiming to educate and share practical advice with start-ups and scale-ups looking to raise funding from early stage through to Series B and beyond.

The roundtable discussion saw entrepreneurs, investors and experts sharing their insights, giving the audience a real understanding of what to watch out for or behaviors to adopt when presenting their business for investment.

Having successfully completed a Series A funding round, in which ING Ventures took a £5 million minority stake in Funding Options, one of the key take aways from Ryan Edwards-Pritchard was:

“Finding investors is as much about the team as it is about the business plan. For our fundraising we've built a team with experience, passion and commitment. But the right team dynamic is crucial and my tip is to never go to meetings alone. Alongside our core team of CEO, MD and COO, we also brought along some experienced people from our tech team, for example. After all, they are investing in you — not a piece of paper.”