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SME energy reduction
Business Energy

Funding to reduce business energy costs

When it comes to reducing your business emissions and saving money on bills, there are several greener finance options that could help. As SMEs make up 25% of the UK’s emissions, it’s important for smaller business owners to make changes to their energy consumptions. Our blog explores some of the types of funding available to help reduce energy costs for good.

24 Nov 2022

What are the benefits of business energy audits?
Business Energy

What are the benefits of business energy audits?

With the cost of energy at an all-time high and an accelerating drive to net zero, it's never been more crucial for businesses to understand their energy consumption. One of the best ways to map your business' energy consumption is by conducting an energy audit. Let's take a look at how the process works and its benefits.

8 Aug 2022

factory business owner undertaking an energy audit uk
Business Energy

How can a factory reduce its energy consumption

With energy prices continuing to rise, factory owners consider undertaking a comprehensive energy audit to understand where, how and when to make the critical changes necessary to reduce their energy consumption.

29 Jun 2022

lightbulb image
Business Energy

10 Energy savings tips for small businesses

Saving on energy bills as a small business can be critical for your success. Depending on the type of business you are in, energy costs can be a significant expense, and as an overhead, energy costs can become a survive or thrive issue. Not only do you need to choose your supplier with care, but you also need to reduce your energy consumption by conducting an energy audit.

10 Dec 2021

Rows of bulb lights lit up
Business Energy

How SMEs can improve their energy efficiency to save money

With the energy price cap rising and gas prices at a record high, saving money on energy has risen to the top of the agenda for many UK firms. So how can SMEs reduce the amount of energy they use to save money, and is now the right time to switch energy suppliers?

19 Nov 2021

Electricity pylon
Business Energy

Business energy mythbuster – 3 myths debunked

With wholesale energy prices at a high and firms fearing an uncertain winter, now could be a good time to explore business energy deals. In this article, we debunk some of the common myths around switching energy suppliers.

18 Oct 2021

Business Energy

How to switch and save money on your business energy tariff

Your commercial gas and electricity supply is crucial for keeping your business up and running. But are you paying more for it than you need to? We’ve partnered with Love Energy Savings to help you switch and save money on your business energy tariff today.

6 Sept 2021

Power pylons at sunset
Business Energy

Could your business be saving money by switching energy providers today?

Like individual consumers or households, some businesses stick with the same energy supplier for years – decades, even. But changing business energy supplier can help you keep your expenses under control. Could you be saving capital by switching today?

28 Jul 2021


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